Sarah Loynes | weaving and design

12 Apr, 2022

Sarah Loynes is a Gamilaroi Yularoi person currently living and studying on Ngunnawal Ngambri land. They are currently studying archaeology and anthropology at the Australian National University and work with younger members of the community at the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre. Inspired by familial ties and the community and Country in which they now reside, Sarah’s work is centred on facilitating and expressing the importance of those relationships through cultural weaving techniques.  

Sarah designed our stamps for Snailbox | The Slow Project and facilitated a weaving circle for us to begin Skills Caravan 1

Detail of woven artwork, ‘dhurralabaa’, Gamilaraay for ‘time of making’, by Sarah Loynes, coloured and natural raffia. 2021.

The workencapsulates how during Canberra’s first lockdown while it felt like the world came to a standstill in many ways, it also became a time where I wove a lot of my own personal works with intentions of creative experimentation and development.

Photograph by Kiri Morcombe.