Liz Lea | Skills Caravan 1 for Hybrid delivery and Skills Caravan 2 for Access all Round

18 Apr, 2022

Liz Lea is an award winning, internationally recognised dance artist, choreographer and producer. Over three decades she has toured her work internationally and been commissioned in India, UK, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, USA and Kuwait. Liz was the 2017 ACT Artist of the Year and received a 2017 Australian Dance Award. She directs two Festivals – DANscienCE where dance and science meet and BOLD, which celebrates all moving bodies. She offers Audio Description services and directs The Stellar Company, a non for profit arts organisation. In 2021 Stellar launched the Chamaeleon Collective, Canberra’s first inclusive dance company. Liz is represented by Karen Gallagher and Associates, UK and recently joined the Belco Arts team as IGNITE Programs Officer.

Liz contributed to Skills Caravan 1 In unpacking delivery of hybrid multiway event, The BOLD Festival and to Skills Caravan 2 in unpacking Access all ‘Round.

Photo: Lorna Sim.