Gretel Burgess | Access All ‘Round | Skills Caravan 2

30 May, 2022

Gretel Burgess completed two years of a counselling degree before transferring to a master’s in social work (completed 2015). Gretel also has a BA in Communication – Theatre Media, and a Certificate in Cultural Theatre and Dance from the Indonesian Art Institute of Pandang Panjang, West Sumatra. She has combined her background in the Arts and Health sectors to work with many different groups including, asylum seekers on Christmas Island, the Multicultural Council for Refugees in Darwin, and adults, children, and young people with special needs in Canberra. Gretel has facilitated a STEPS program for adults with stroke and acute brain injury through Queensland Health as well as dance and drama programs for both ARC disability services and the aged care sector in Cairns, Queensland. Gretel has been working in many roles in Canberra including facilitating an arts-based program for the Messengers Program for disengaged teenagers at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre and a parenting program. Gretel currently teaches dance for the Ignite, Belconnen Arts Centre with the Deaf Butterfly dance group, DeafACT. the Dance for Wellbeing program for all mobility levels, dementia, and Parkinson’s. Gretel is also on the board of Canberra Dance Theatre (CDT) and works as a guest teacher for the CDT GOLD over 55-year-old dance class, and teaches workshops for the CDTeens, children and teenagers with additional needs. Gretel has been working over the past five years in primary and high schools as a social worker, school counsellor. Combing her passion of the Arts and Health has led her to create lived experience, three act dance piece with her daughter, ‘A Stroke of Luck” which will be presented over three nights at the QL2 theatre during National Stroke Week this August.