Kirsten Wehner: Mid-Career/Established Cross-Sector Engagement artist-in-residence featured in a short documentary video

7 Jun, 2022

“The drain was one of those places that my mum always said, don’t go down there. It’s dangerous. But like most kids, I was drawn to water.”

“The residency has just been an amazing opportunity to really, I feel like, get to know the creek properly.”

Kirsten Wehner, featured in this short video, is our Mid-Career/Established Cross-Sector Engagement resident in the Creative Recovery and Resilience Residencies program run between UC and Belco Arts. She has dedicated her residency time to creatively exploring and understanding Weston Creek.

Throughout her residency, Kirsten has run community workshops, connected with waterways experts and created artworks directly informed by the creek and the surrounding environment to conduct her research into this iconic but often unloved Canberra waterway.


UC and Belco Arts’ Creative Recovery and Resilience Residencies for Cross-Sector Engagement and Digital Innovation are programs that model distinct ways to cultivate long-term relationships and professional development, which can have an enduring impact for participating artists and organisations.

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This project is part of the ACT Government’s Creative Recovery and Resilience Program.
Artists: Instagram @kirsten_wehner
Supports: Instagram @uc_cccr @act_government
🎥 Filmed and edited by @nicveversvideo

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