Nicola Lambert | Pitch Lab participant | Keeping it Real

19 Sep, 2022
Nicola Lambert, Creative Producer of Catchment Studio, an independent, non-profit creative platform transforming how people connect with urban waterways. Based in Ngunnawal Country (ACT), we collaborate with Traditional Custodians, artists, scientists and community organisations to create inspiring experiences that centre Indigenous practices of caring for Country, build public understanding of and engagement with water systems and help grow new approaches to living well with creeks and rivers. Nicola founded Create and Sow in 2014 to inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate and empower communities, artists and audiences. working in the role of creative producer, artist and facilitator. Nicola has delivered arts based projects with communities living with mental health and disabilities, migrate women’s groups, youth groups. Below are links to curent and past project.
Catchment Studio https://www.catchmentstudio.comKambri/Sullivan’s Trail https://www.sullivanstrail.comPast Projects Studio Connect Canberra https://www.studioconnectcanberra.comCreate and Sow