Skills Caravan 2

12 Apr, 2022

The Skills Caravan is pulling into an arts centre near you! This series responds to identified skills and knowledge needs in our ACT creative sector, presenting three separate events in three regions of Canberra across three dates in April 2022.  

Belco Arts hosted Caravan 2, with a cross-sector theme, and serving all creatives with a link to Canberra’s northern regions. This afternoon offered a chance to explore best practice in engaging communities, to get project ideas fine-tuned in a collective pitch lab, understand accessible approaches to making and presenting work, unpack small arts business models with the best in the business, and more. All with some fun approaches to admin relief and how we are to navigate our new normal.  


Activities and artists:

Drop-in slow-stitching activity and reflection on community engagement with Michele Grimston and Kiran Grewal of the Migrant Women’s Art Group. 

Small talks, big business with Anna Trundle of Keep Co shared space; Naomi Zouwer on arts and education; Christian Doran, Recovery VR

Project pitch lab with Britt Nichols

Access all round with  Liz Lea and Gretel Burgess