Zhi: Emerging Digital Innovation artist-in-residence featured in a short documentary video

30 Jun, 2022

“What I’m trying to do in writing is just like, organise, bring order to what I’m feeling.”

Poet and artist, Zhi has been working this year as the Digital Innovation resident in the Creative Recovery and Resilience Residencies program run between UC and Belco Arts.

Zhi’s time in the residency has been spent exploring poetry through digital forms, collaborating, and learning to code! We’ve been so excited to see Zhi’s interactive experiments with visualising poetry come to life.

UC and Belco Arts’ Creative Recovery and Resilience Residencies for Cross-Sector Engagement and Digital Innovation are programs that model distinct ways to cultivate long-term relationships and professional development, which can have an enduring impact for participating artists and organisations.

Learn more at creativeact.org.au
This project is part of the ACT Government’s Creative Recovery and Resilience Program.
Centre for Creative & Cultural Research University of Canberra ACT Government
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🎥 Filmed and edited by @nicveversvideo

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